Frequently asked questions

After Adoption

Dog Adoption Packet


Cat Adoption Packet

What vets do we recommend?

What is the 2-week shutdown?

What is the rule of three?

What do we recommend for pet emergency plans?

How do you transition an indoor cat to an indoor/outdoor or primarily outdoor lifestyle?


Solving Barking Problems


Positive Reinforcement

Puppy Mouthing and Play Biting

Destructive Chewing

Fear of Thunder and Other Loud Noises

How to Stop Your Dog from Digging

Calming the Fearful Dog

The Canine Escape Artist

Understanding Aggressive Behavior in Dogs

Submissive and Excitement Urination

Cat Aggression toward People

Cat Aggression toward Other Cats

Desctructive Scratching in Cats

Urine Marking and Spraying

Excessive Meowing/Yowling

Lost and Found

How do you register the microchip in your adopted pet?


What is Finding Rover?

What to do if you've found a stray...

What to do if you want to surrender your pet...

Can we come and pick up a stray pet?

What to do if you've found newborn/baby kittens...


Should you declaw you cat?


FIV+ Cats

FeLV+ Cats

Heartworms and How to Prevent It

Surviving Cage Rest for Heartworm-Treated Dogs

What do we recommend for flea and tick prevention?

Upper Respiratory Infections in Cats

Kennel Cough in Dogs

Demodex and Other Skin Issues

Worms in Dogs and Cats

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