Assisi Members

The Assisi Society was created in 2015 to honor those that have given over $1,000. We are so thankful for all that they have contributed to. Without their donations we wouldn't get the necessary items we need to keep running. 

*To become an Assisi Member, you must have an annual donation of $1,000 or more. For more information, please email Sidney at*

Guardian's Circle
President's Circle
Champion's Circle

Mr. and Mrs. David Curlee

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gosser

Dr. Gerald Leischuck

Mr. and Mrs. Ike Scott

Scott Bridge Company

Blue Ribbon Circle

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bell

Mr. Calvin Cutshaw

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Davis

Mrs. Shirley Rose Glisson

Ms. Catherine Lowder

For Network For Good

Ms. Reagan Newman

Dr. Ann Pearson

Petco Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Woltosz

Kennel Master's Circle

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Adams

American Online Giving Foundation

Auburn High School Volleyball Team

Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine

Auburn Veterinary Hospital

Austin Pets Alive!

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Beckwith

Bissell Pet Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Gaines Blackwell

Dr. Susan Brinson

Mr. and Mrs. R. Jackson Burkhalter

Mr. Dana Buttner

Ms. Marilyn Caine

Mr. Paul Casarona

Mrs. Jean Cassell

Mr and Mrs. Raymond Chisholm

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Crowe

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Diers

Mrs. Hermine Dodge

E.L. Spencer Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Elder

Ellis-Harper Advertising

Ms. Terry Evans

First Team Construction

Mr. and Mrs. Newell Floyd

Mr and Mrs. Jeff Gaston

Dr. Richard Glaze

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gober

Mr. and Mrs Paul Grisham

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Blake Henry

Ms. Diane Hensley

Mr. and Mrs. David Hill

Mr. and Mrs. John Hood

Dr. Kelly Hume

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Jager

Dr. and Ms. Soren Jordan

Col. and Mrs. Glenn Long

Mr. Luke Madsen

Mr. and Mrs. Gus Malzhan

Dr. David Glen McClary

Mr. and Mrs. Tim McLain

Ms. Amanda Medeiros

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Mohrman

Ms. Elizabeth Mueller

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nacrelli

Mrs. Frances Neugent

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Norton

Ms. Mindy Owens

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Pearl

Petfinder Foundation

PetSmart Charities 

Dr. Joel Pittard

Mrs. Katherine Porter

Mr. and Mrs. John Raines

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Reinke

Dr. Peter Schwartz

Dr. Charles Shivers

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sisson

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Spencer

The Grace and Cliff Hare Foundation

Dr. Larry Thorne

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Tole

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Tremaine

Mrs. Landa Trentham

Mr. Scott Walker


Mr. and Mrs. James Ward

Mr. James Whatley

Ms. Ann Willett

Ms. Emily Williams

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