May Events

Due to COVID-19 and the subsequent quarantine, we have canceled all off site events for the time being. As things begin to open back up, we will discuss future events. In the meantime, feel free to take part in one (or more) of our virtual events listed below:


DIY Paw Print Art Kits (May 1-May 31)

Pets 2 the Rescue Virtual 5k (May 1-May 31)

Sticker Pre Sales (May 9-June 30)

Pet Photo Contest (June 15-June 28)

Pets for Push Ups Challenge (July 1-July 31)


If you would like to organize an adoption event, please email!

If you would like to organize a fundraising event for or with us, please email

Events will be denied if they are proposed without adequate notice for us to prepare.

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