Frequently asked questions


Who is Lee County Humane and what do we do?

Lee County Humane Society is a 501(c)(3) organization who works to advance humane treatment and responsible ownership of companion animals through community education, animal sheltering and adoption, and alleviation ot animal suffering. Our vision is to be the leading advocate for companion animals in our community. We envision a future in which animals are valued, pet overpopulation is eliminated, and every adopted companion animal has a loving and responsible home.

What pets do we care for?

We mainly care for the homeless dogs and cats in the community. For assistance with another animal or with wildlife, please reach out to your local animal control: Auburn Animal Control: (334) 501-3090 Opelika Animal Control: (334) 705-5480 Lee County Animal Control (outside of Auburn/Opelika city limits): (334) 737-7013 For assistance with raptor wildlife (birds of prey), please contact the Southeastern Raptor Center, located in Auburn, Alabama: (334) 844-6347.

Are we a no-kill shelter?

We are an open-admissions and low-kill shelter. These means we accept all strays and surrenders within the jurisdictional lines and we have an average Live Release Rate of above 90%. (Live Release Rates depend on how many animals are adopted, transported, returned to owner and/or TNR'd.)

How can you help?

Donate: We are able to continue caring for the homeless pets in the area thanks to your help. Your support can directly determine how many lives were are able to save each year. We have multiple funds you can put your donation towards (view them here!), you can also donate items from our wish list or you can sponsor an animal's adoption (which helps us provide medical and basic care). Foster: We rely on our foster homes to help save lives. By fostering, you are not saving one life, but two: the pet you are fostering and the one taking its place in the shelter. We will cover all medical needs, you just need to provide the loving home! If you foster, we can help with providing food, crates, blankets, etc. If you are interested in fostering, click here! Volunteer: Our dedicated volunteers help the shelter with so many things. From cleaning help to dog walking to learning about a pet's behavior, our volunteers can be trained in a lot of areas in the shelter. You can apply to volunteer here! Adopt: When you adopt, like fostering, you are not saving one life, but two! Check out out available dogs and cats today and apply to meet one!

Do we offer community service opportunites?

Yes, you can sign up for the community service orientation here.

Where are we located and when are we open?

We are located at 1140 Ware Drive in Auburn, Alabama. Our hours of operation are: Tuesday-Sunday: 12pm-5pm Monday: CLOSED

I want to report animal abuse/neglect, who do I contact?

For anything involving abuse or neglect, please contact your local animal control or your local non-emergent police number. Auburn Animal Control: (334) 501-3090 Opelika Animal Control: (334) 705-5480 Lee County Animal Control (outside of Auburn/Opelika city limits): (334) 737-7013 Auburn Police: (334) 501-3110 Opelika Police: (334) 705-5200 Lee County Sheriff: (334) 749-5651

What kind of donations do we accept?

We accept monetary and physical (food, litter, towels, toys, etc.) donations. You can view our Amazon wish list here, or you can call (334) 821-3222 to see what we need at the current time. Thank you for thinking of us!