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Foster a pet!

Every year the Lee County Humane Society takes in over 3,000 cats and dogs. We believe in taking a community approach in rehoming animals. LCHS manages a growing foster care program great for animal lovers who aren’t looking to adopt but want to make a difference in the lives the animals at the shelter. For more information and to get some quick facts about the fostering program, scroll down to check out our new Foster Manual and our Fostering FAQs!

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Foster Coordinator office hours are primarily 9-5 daily with exception of holidays.  If you would like to send communications, updates of foster pets, general questions or to set up appts with a pet in foster care, please email and the coordinator will respond on the next business day.  If you are a current foster and have the Foster Coordinator’s work cell, please do not contact it after 5 pm unless it is an emergency and cannot wait until the following morning.  We hope that you can understand that continuous communication does not allow staff to rest and focus on their families and personal time. 

Check out our new Foster Manual for an in-depth guide to fostering with Lee County Humane!

Foster Manual

Want to foster kittens? Check out this fun guide to kitten fostering!

Foster FAQ
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