Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to advance humane treatment and responsible ownership of companion animals through community education, animal sheltering and adoption, and alleviation of animal suffering.

Our vision is to be the leading advocate for companion animals in our community. We envision a future in which animals are valued, pet overpopulation is eliminated, and every adoptable companion animal has a loving and responsible home.

LCHS is a 501(c)(3) organization, and all membership fees and donations are tax deductible.

Meet Our Board of Directors:

Elizabeth Mueller

Vice President
Karen Gaston

David Curlee

Pat Rynders

William Luther (Emeritus), Mike Davis, Mary Smith, Liza Mueller, Karen Gaston, John Killmaster, Jaena Norton, Marrell McNeal (Emeritus), Alice Bell, Catherine Lowder, Pat Rynders, David Curlee, Russell Balch, and Michael Hilyer, Nichole Diehl

Shelter Director
TJ McCullough