Adoptable Pups at LCHS

We have many wonderful adoptable dogs at LCHS, and this week, I'm going to highlight two of our sweet pups that are looking for forever homes. To follow up on last week's column on the importance of heartworm prevention and heartworm treatment for heartworm-positive dogs, I'm featuring two dogs who have been heartworm treated during their time at LCHS. After dogs recover from heartworm treatment, dogs often blossom and show their full, healthy personalities.

Dyson, a Young-at-Heart Pup With Lots of Love to Give

Dyson is a happy, affectionate boy who would love to snuggle on the couch with you after zooming around your backyard. Dyson was heartworm positive when he entered the shelter, but we had him treated and placed him back on the path to excellent health.

Dyson has so much enthusiasm for life and learns new skills quickly, even at eight and a half years old. Dyson is eager to make his people happy and becomes attached to staff and volunteers who spend time with him. He becomes nervous when left alone, so we're looking for adopters who can help him to gradually acclimate to alone time. Theresa Nichols, a certified professional dog trainer who owns a franchise with Bark Busters, is currently working with Dyson and has generously offered to assist with training in his new home after he is adopted.

Dyson's Training with Theresa Nichols, CPDT

We are incredibly thankful for Nichols's assistance in training dogs who are experiencing stress and behavioral problems at the shelter. When asked about her experience volunteering with the shelter, Nichols said, "I'm so grateful for you guys and that I can be part of helping you save lives. Every time I get a new dog to work with, it makes me feel good to know that I'm going to help them find a furever home."

Nichols owns a franchise with Bark Busters, a global dog training organization specializing in training dogs in their home environments. Bark Busters focuses on positive reinforcement and dog psychology fundamentals to achieve lasting results.