Adoption Special Thanks to the Betty White Challenge

On January 17th, the Betty White Challenge was held nationwide, to honor and celebrate the birthday and life of Betty White. As a beloved actress, icon, and animal rights activist, her efforts to love and support animals touched so many people and continue to help animals and animal shelters across America.

Thanks to those who donated in her honor, the Lee County Humane Society was able to raise over $3,400 in donations. We are extremely appreciative to those who donated, and are so excited to announce that, because of these donations, we are able to hold an adoption special!

From January 19th until January 30th, we will be adopting out animals at a discounted price! All pets who are already spayed and neutered will be only $10! If they are not yet spayed or neutered, their adoption fee will be $60, in order to cover the spay/neuter surgery cost.