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All Aboard the Foster Express Challenge!

Lee County Humane Society is participating in a nation-wide Foster Express Challenge made possible by Maddie’s Fund and we need your help! Lee County Humane Society has set a personal goal of sending one hundred animals to foster homes over the holidays from November 22nd to January 10th. As of December 11, 2019, only eighty-two animals have been fostered! Can you help us meet our goal?

The rules for the challenge are simple.

1. Foster Express Challenge runs from November 22nd until January 10th, so it covers three major holidays!

2. The foster period can be as short as two hours and as long as two weeks to count towards the total pets fostered during the challenge. This means you can check a dog out for a few hours through the LCHS Jog-a-Dog program and it would count towards the Challenge!

3. Maddie’s Fund is giving away $55,000 to participating shelters if they meet the minimum requirements and Lee County Humane Society desperately needs funding! The more animals fostered over the holidays, the better!

Fostering, especially over the holidays, is especially important for dogs and cats living in the shelter! The holiday season means more exposure to potential adopters and more socialization opportunities. Time spent in your home, or for Jog-a-Dog purposes, even just out for a walk, gives us more insight into the animal’s personality and quirks. As hard as we try to combat this, the shelter is often a loud and stressful environment which is scary for the many animals who call LCHS home. Providing every animal an opportunity to see what a loving, safe, and warm home environment is like allows their true personality to shine through! You’d be amazed how many animals are thankful to just have a quiet place to rest and person to cuddle with. Many are eager to learn new tricks and how to be an owner’s perfect companion!

The best part? Fostering saves lives. By taking one animal out of the shelter and learning more about its personality, it increases the chances of that animal getting adopted. When that animal leaves the shelter to go into foster care, it makes room for a new shelter intake, saving a second life as well!

For anyone interested in becoming a LCHS foster parent, participating in the Jog-a-Dog program, or would like to know more about the Foster Express Challenge please visit or email our Foster Coordinator at


Auburn, AL | | 334-821-3222

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