Anxiety in Pets

Ever notice that your dog sits a little closer to you when new people come around, or hides under a blanket shaking? Maybe they are constantly panting and pacing back and forth when you begin packing your suitcase. And if you are “lucky”, you might come home to your new furniture being ripped to shreds…our household knows NOTHING about this one!

According to Oxford Language, anxiety is: “a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.” In my terms, anxiety is the worry of change, worry and/or concern that my “normal” is disturbed or interrupted, gone. As a human, I can verbally as well as physically express, display, anxiety. As humans, we learn to read, and understand someone’s “tells” or “triggers”, we may just need to work a little harder in recognizing the “tells” and “triggers” in our Fur Babies.

The first week of May is Dog Anxiety Awareness Week. If you think that your pet is displaying some concerning behavior or a change in behavior please consult your veterinarian. This article is a highlight on the topic, not a diagnosis.

Anxiety in dogs can, and will vary. Just like people, each dog is unique, knowing your dog and their behavior helps you measure what they are experiencing. Rescue Dogs may be more challenging because a lot of who they are and their story is unknown. This doesn’t define who they may become. If you have spent any time with anyone that has rescued their Fur Baby, they will be quick to tell you that it is the best, most rewarding decision they have ever made when it comes to owning a pet. Back on track (part of my anxiety leads me to distractions).