Be a Foster!

Be A Foster. Save A Life.

Have you ever found yourself at an event, on a crowded bus,

subway, or even worse in the middle seat of a long overcrowded

flight? If so you might have an idea of how the energy feels in an

overcrowded animal shelter. Right now, at the Lee County Humane

Society we are over our max capacity. What that means is we are out

of space! A healthy, life saving action that YOU can do is becoming a


If you are unfamiliar with pet fostering, it is when you provide

temporary care to shelter animals. Opening not only your heart, but

your home. Fostering helps with shelter overcrowding, reduces the

animal’s stress levels, facilitates a smooth transition when they go to

their forever home.

Being a foster parent takes a lot of patience and compassion,

but the benefits are immeasurable. While fostering frees up space, it

helps develop better social skills, it also gives the shelter staff a better

insight into their personality. Life in the shelter provides interaction

with people, mostly being with shelter staff. Fostering helps shelter

cats and dogs interact with more people, all in a reduced stress

environment. Another benefit for fostering is if a cat or dog has an

illness or a surgical procedure and needs a relaxed, healing

environment to help them reach that ever so coveted furever home.

The best of both worlds. A foster provides all of the above without

taking on a lifelong commitment. This is unless you are a “foster fail”.

While this sounds negative, it simply means you loved your foster so

much you became their adopter, their furever home. We all like that “I

did something great” feeling, and that is what fostering is.

Fostering doesn’t come without some growing pains. Almost all

shelter cats and dogs come to us without much knowledge of who

they are, what they have been through, or what robbed them of their

first chance at life. Second chances are what animal shelters are all

about. That said, it can be very frustrating. The “I did something great”

feeling can begin with “what did I get myself into” feeling. Remember

that patience and loving hard work gets you to that “I did something