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CTS Top 20 Long Term Resident Dogs Event

By: Audrey Salazar

The Lee County Humane Society is in a dire situation where they are constantly struggling with the issue of pet overpopulation. There is a desperate need for more adoptions in order to decrease animal intakes and make more space available for the animals that enter our building. In hopes of encouraging more adoptions, the Society has come up with a new policy that should incentivize prospective adopters. They have decided to waive the adoption fees for the 20 longest-term dog residents, hoping that this will encourage people to adopt those dogs, and ultimately lead to more adoptions overall. Moreover, the Society has decided to waive the fees for claims, meaning that pet owners can come and claim their lost pets at no charge. This is a great opportunity for those who may have lost their pets and are struggling to afford the fees associated with claims.

Among our longest term dogs whose fees are waived, we have Hollis, a playful and energetic pup who loves to play fetch. We also have Iggy, a loyal and affectionate dog who loves to cuddle with his human companions. Carl is another one of our longest term dogs who is full of energy and loves to go on long walks. Reptar is a fun-loving pup who is always up for a game of tug of war. Luna is a sweet and gentle dog who loves to be by your side and shower you with love. Emma is a friendly and outgoing dog who loves to meet new people and make friends.

We encourage you to visit our website,, for more information about these wonderful dogs and how you can adopt them. We believe that every dog deserves a loving home and we are committed to finding the right match for each of our furry friends. So why not give one of these amazing dogs a chance and make them a part of your family today?

We have exhausted all our resources and made countless efforts to reach out to our community for assistance in providing homes for the dogs in our care. Despite our best efforts, we have run out of space, and we are faced with the heartbreaking decision of having to put these innocent animals to sleep simply because we have nowhere to put them. This is not a situation we want to find ourselves in, and we implore you to help us in any way you can. Please share our message and help us spread the word so that more people can be made aware of our plight and hopefully come forward to provide the support and resources we so desperately need. Together, we can ensure that no animal is ever put to sleep due to lack of space or resources.

LCHS is so grateful for our wonderful volunteers, fosters, and donors who have supported us through these difficult times. If you haven’t already, now is the time to step up and help.

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