Dog Training Tips

With the holidays close at hand, many people may be looking to adopt pets. While pets are amazing and bring joy to our lives, dogs in particular may need a little more training to navigate the complexities of the human world they live in.

In this week’s column, we’ll discuss some helpful tips for teaching a dog to sit, and also to not jump up on people. The sit command is often the first command that a dog learns, and it’s one that we aim to teach our dogs at the shelter. Even dogs that know the command can benefit from a refresher!

The Sit and Stay Commands

  1. Begin by placing a treat in your hand and approaching the dog, placing the treat at the dog’s eye level.

  2. Move your hand with the treat above and a little behind the dog’s head.

  3. Say “sit, and hold your other hand outstretched above the dog, which will be the visual part of your command.

  4. When the dog sits down to more easily investigate what’s in your hand, provide lots of praise, along with the treat.

Once the dog has learned sit, then it’s easy to begin teaching the stay command.

  1. First, say “stay” and have the dog maintain the sit position with you standing right there.

  2. Then, practice backing away slightly, and increase the distance when telling the dog to stay until you can be across the room with them maintaining the “stay.”

Training Dogs Not to Jump on People