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Find Your Valentine at LCHS!

As Valentine's Day approaches and we enter the season of chocolates and flowers, LCHS is celebrating pet adoption. Adoption is a particularly meaningful way to find a new canine or feline companion because it transforms the life of a previously homeless animal, while also providing funding and opening space for shelters and rescue organizations to care for additional homeless animals.

The Shelter Valentine Campaign

In the spirit of encouraging companion animal adoptions, we would like to invite our current and past adopters to participate in the Petco Foundation's Shelter Valentine campaign. Anytime between now and Valentine's Day, recent and past adopters can post a picture of their adopted animals on any social media platform with the hashtag #ShelterValentine, and tag both @PetcoFoundation and the rescue from which you adopted. If you adopted your animal from LCHS, tag us to increase our chances of earning grant funding from the Petco Foundation!

We hope that the campaign will raise awareness and encourage adoptions as LCHS and shelters nationwide prepare for puppy and kitten season. Our Lonely Hearts Club candidates are another fantastic option for a Valentine's Day adoption. The Lonely Hearts Club includes our longest-term residents, whose adoption fees are always only $25.

The Impact and Success of Adoption

Breanna Herbert, the Kennel Manager, said that the Shelter Valentine promotion has been great because it provides an opportunity "to look back on who was adopted and how they're doing now." It also gives adopters a chance to reflect on their own adoption success stories. Most LCHS staff members have adopted multiple animals.

"I adopted three animals from here, so now that I'm posting about it, I like to bring up how each animal started [scared, sick, or injured], and is now happy in a home," said Herbert.

These positive transformations are inspiring, particularly for those who work in the field of animal rescue and routinely see the animals in states of fear or illness, especially when they first arrive.

My husband and I adopted both of our cats from LCHS, and we couldn't be happier with our feline family members. The first cat we adopted, Beatrice, was sweet from the start, but it took her a few weeks to fully trust her new environment to the point that she would jump in our laps for cuddles. However, after a little time, her full personality emerged, and she now greets any visitors to our home with purrs and friendly headbutts.

Several of our staff members kindly shared their stories. Jill Gilbert, the Grant Writing Coordinator with LCHS, adopted a dog who likely wouldn't have survived if she hadn't fostered him. "He was sick with parvovirus, and most shelters and rescues are not equipped to treat such illnesses due to funding and space," said Gilbert. After being successfully treated, "he is now a thriving member of the Gilbert family."

While Valentine's Day is most associated with romance, it is also the perfect time to find a new forever friend! Follow LCHS on social media to see posts about our animals' personalities, which we are posting in the form of Tinder profiles to help adopters find the perfect match. As Gilbert said, "I cannot imagine having a home without the pitter-patter of happy little paws. My hope is that everyone will consider adoption when they decide they are ready to add a furry family member to their lives."


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