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Finding Rover

Lee County Humane Society is excited to announce that we’ve entered into an innovative partnership to help get lost pets back to their homes as efficiently as possible.

Finding Rover Is a pet facial recognition service that works in tandem with ShelterLuv, the software platform that Lee County Humane Society, and thousands of other shelters nationwide use to manage, and try and find homes for thousands of homeless and lost animals.

The concept is very simple, pet owners register their pets, and if that pet ever goes missing, Finding Rover will automatically search our database (and others) to see if there is a match of that pup’s face with one in our care.

And they can do the same thing with a found pet to try and help if find its way home as quickly as possible.

If someone finds a stray dog or cat, please report the pet on Finding Rover as FOUND. All you need to do is snap a picture on your phone and upload to From there, the magic of Finding Rover will match the photo with photos of pets that have been reported missing.

For those that have LOST a dog or cat, you can upload your pet’s picture and it will search FOUND reports which will include animals in our care! Our partnership with Finding Rover automatically updates all of our shelter’s pets on our Finding Rover page.  This innovative tool is invaluable for anyone looking for a lost pet.

Here are five reasons for you to give Finding Rover a try:

It’s easy! Anyone with a smartphone or computer can upload a lost or found dog or cat instantly.

It’s FREE! Although millions of dollars have been invested into this technology, it doesn’t cost users a penny.

It helps find pets homes! It’s not just about helping lost pets. Our dogs and cats that are Available for Adoption are also on Finding Rover!

It’s not just for dogs! Dogs aren’t the only pets that get out. Finding Rover is optimized to work for our feline friends as well.

It saves lives! At our shelter our number one goal is to keep pets safe before they even reach our doors. Using this tool, we can all help keep lost pets out of our shelter, giving us .

One of my own cats, Sir, managed to sneak out of the house (she’s very sneaky and opportunistic when the door is left ajar even for a moment) a few weeks ago and went missing, so I went ahead and gave Finding Rover a try myself. I was amazed at how quickly it identified cats who looked remarkably like my own missing pet. Fortunately, Sir managed to wander her way back home before someone else found her and listed her. But I can personally attest that the facial recognition technology works VERY well.

I want to highly encourage everyone to register all of their pets with  Finding Rover so we can keep every pet in our community safe and help aid their quick return in case they go missing. 

All you need to do is visit

Upload your pet’s picture

Enter your pet’s name, age, and breed

Enter your name, email address, and zip code

The more animals that make it home before entering our doors, the more room we have to house animals who are looking for new forever families. But we need your support to make it work!

Weekly Wish: We need people to help foster our pets in their homes. This time of year we ESPECIALLY need people willing to foster litters of kittens and puppies. If you’re interested, please contact our foster care coordinator Bailey Ray. You can reach her via email at or by calling the shelter at 821-3222


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