First Aid for Pets

Hello O/A News Readers! In keeping with the month of April and the highlighted topics, we will do a brief address and focus on Pet First Aid Awareness.

For most of us, myself included, we will do just about anything to keep our loved ones healthy and safe. We wouldn’t hesitate to aid and assist in times of emergency. I’m finding, and I am speaking from my life, that there is a lack of knowledge, preparedness, and awareness when it comes to the first aid involving our furry friends. We leave a list of phone numbers, vet information, feeding instructions etc. when we leave town. Why are we not as detailed, prepared, informed, when it comes to their emergency situations?

Why would I need to know Pet First Aid You Ask? Has your furbaby eaten things it shouldn’t? Got into a tussle with a neighbor's pet? Stung by a bee? Eaten something they are allergic to? I’m most certain we all have countless stories, possibly some funny videos of our furry friends doing things that may cause them harm. We have all been there. How can we prevent these situations from worsening? Being prepared is what is necessary; never needing to be in an emergency situation is the goal. That seems amazing, but that isn’t life. Therefore, preparation is key.

First Aid is to respond in a way that keeps our pets alive until professional help arrives or becomes available. As in all emergency response situations, remaining calm is one of the most important. A change in appetite, in bowel movements, in energy levels, these may all be an indication of a potential emergency. Noticing these changes is part of performing First Aid. Knowing and recognizing changes can be a valuable part of the puzzle when treating our furry friends. Are there other steps we can take? Why Yes!