Foster Highlight!

Jeri Deshazo is one of many faithful fosters. She has come to the rescue many times and saved

many lives. Jeri is one of our bottle kitten fosters, meaning she takes in the kittens that are not able to eat on their own so she bottle feeds them and raises them until they are ready for adoption.

In this process of learning through her own trials and tribulations to figure out what works best for her, she has involved her kids! Allowing them to learn how to raise bottle kittens so hopefully when they get older they can use the knowledge and tools they've gained to save lives too.

Words from Jeri, "Our family began fostering kittens in October 2020. After raising our own rescue bottle fed kitten, we felt that we could help other babies as well. We signed up to foster kittens newborn to a few months old. Along the way, we have met so many wonderful babies and helped them to find their homes. We have fostered 13 babies, including 5 bottle babies and 2 feral kittens! I think many people are afraid to take bottle babies because of the amount of work involved. It's true, bottle babies are extra work but that extra work makes it extra rewarding when they find their home and you know you played a huge part in that. My children get in on the care for them. They enjoy bottle feeding. My middle child (9) is also the best at weaning them! She's amazing! My children have even brought their friends over and taught THEM how to care for bottle babies! We are so glad that we are able to do what we can for all of the babies we foster! We absolutely love it and plan to do it for as long as we can!"

If you are interested in getting involved and saving lives by fostering, complete a foster

application on our website and email me at!