Happy Dogust

For the majority of us we all know the day we were born. For shelter dogs this is not

usually the case. On August 1, 2008, Dogust was “Born”. Every year on August 1st, shelter

dogs across the country celebrate their birthday. Those of you that have rescued your forever

dog, this means them too.

This year at the Lee County Humane Society we would like for you to join in on the

celebration. This Dogust, we would like to celebrate by asking for donations, or birthday

presents if you will. Some gift ideas to help celebrate would be treats, bones, dog toys, these

toys are such a joy, and the dogs get to “pick” one out at the end of the day.

Dogust is also an event to shed some light on the dogs that are currently awaiting their

FURever home. Please go to our website: and get to know more about

the birthday boys and girls. There is also a link for you to donate to the Lee County Humane


Our shelter takes great pride in seeing each and every dog as an individual, not just a

kennel number. Although this is a Birthday PAWty for the masses, we want them all to feel like it

is their own individual PAWty. This is where our PAWsome community always comes through!

Gift boxes, frozen treats, DIY birthday cakes, (if you are so inclined to bake treats, please list

the ingredients and make sure they are dog friendly). Fostering is also a great gift. If you are

unable to adopt, fostering helps get the birthday boys and girls out of the shelter, socializing,

interacting with more people and things.

We hope that you join us in celebrating such a great birthday! Here is the link to the

Dogust Wishlist:

If you have any questions or if you would like to make a donation please contact Kaitlyn at: