Happy June!

Happy Sunday to the Loveliest Village On The Plains. This week we will highlight a few

different things that are happening at the Lee County Humane Society! Our Summer of Second

Chances kickoff, kitten adoption specials and foster events have all of us at LCHS on all

cylinders. That said, June is “adopt a cat” month! Action packed excitement and opportunities.

LCHS is once again at full capacity, so all hands on deck!

I would like to begin with our Kitten Adopt-A-Thon. This special is from June 7-12. All

altered kittens (spade or neutered, some may say lost their parts) will be $25.00 to adopt; and

all of the kittens that are unaltered (NOT spayed or neutered, they still have their parts) will be

$75.00. Our shelter is FULL. If you can’t commit to adopting, we strongly encourage you to

look into our fostering program. Fostering creates space while providing enrichment and growth

for our constant intake of cats and kittens. Let us not forget it is Adopt-A-Cat Month!!! Visit our