Helping Local Abandoned Animals

Are you concerned about abandoned and neglected pets in your area? Maybe you’ve noticed

more strays around than usual, or you’re learning about animal rights and want to contribute to

the cause. Lee County Humane Society shares some resources that will give you plenty of

ideas for helping animals that need a second chance.

Helping From Home

Not sure how to start helping animals in need? These resources will show you how to begin

from the comfort of your home.

● In some circumstance s, it is safe to feed stray animalsjust make sure to check out

these guidelines first.

● Wondering what to do if you find a lost pet? These tips will help you get in touch with

their owner.

● Promote fostering animals on your YouTube channel with YouTube banner templates.

● If you have enough time and space in your home, you might be a good candidate for

fostering or adopting an animal!

Local Organizations

By connecting with local animal welfare organizations and charities, you can make a difference

for neglected and abandoned pets.

● Purchase and donate high-quality pet supplies from local businesses! It may also be

helpful to read through review sites before selecting products.

● Consider volunteering to walk dogs or socialize cats at a shelter.

● Advocate for animal welfare at the policy level.

Starting a Nonprofit