Home for the Holidays

This holiday season, we're asking everyone to help us find homes for our canine and feline friends. Through our Home for the Holidays challenge, we're seeking to place 150 of our lovable companion animals in foster and find forever homes for another 150 homeless pets. We achieved a live release rate of 98% for November and are looking to increase it to 99% for the month of December.

While we do everything we can to keep our animals healthy and happy while at LCHS, the reality is that an animal shelter's group housing environment isn't a natural or ideal place for animals to live for an extended period.

Above anything else, we care about our pets' wellbeing, which is why we invest so much into getting the word out about each wonderful and unique individual kitty and pup that we have. To adopt, visit to fill out an adoption application. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for us to approve your application and send you an email saying that you’ve been approved, or to call for more information.

The Importance of Fostering

In the meantime, foster homes can provide enormous quality-of-life benefits for our animals, including a much-needed break from shelter life, along with the individualized attention, playtime, and quiet, restful environment that all pets need. Longtime foster and volunteer Krista Wignall shared some information about her experience fostering. "I really enjoy holiday fostering and will do it anytime I know I will be in town,” Wignall said. “The dogs and cats need a break from shelter life, and if you can give an animal even just a three-day vacation... it is worth it!"

She provided tips for making the foster experience rewarding for your foster pet, "Let them snuggle up in blankets on the couch and run around your house and yard. Give them tasty treats they don't normally get in the shelter.”

She also mentioned how fosters can play an active role in helping pets find the best forever home. "You can learn so much about an animal while fostering them, and that information can help them become more desirable to a potential adopter," Wignall said. "You can learn if they get along with other animals in the house, do they like children, how high energy are they, are they a couch hog or a running buddy?"