How Older Adults Can Choose and Care for the Right New Pet

One aspect of becoming a senior adult is how many new life changes you encounter. Often, through retirement, downsizing a dwelling, or the desire to find a new community, seniors find themselves relocating. This allows you to acquire new friends, new pursuits, and, sometimes, new pets. Perhaps you always wanted an exotic pet, such as a ferret or an iguana. At last, you can fulfill that dream. If you are considering choosing a critter, here are some observations you may find helpful, presented by the Lee County Humane Society.

The Best Pets for Seniors

These pets are recommended most often for older adults:

  • Dogs are number one on just about every caregiver and pet expert’s list. While it is easy to find descriptions of the attributes of various breeds, you may decide to forgo purebred canines and check out shelter and rescue dogs. This allows you to save a life while finding a lifelong friend.

  • Cats are also