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Have you heard of Lee County Humane Society’s Jog-A-Dog program? This is a great way to get the shelter animals outside and seen around town. Whether you just enjoy hanging out with animals or want to get them more visibility in the community, this program covers all the bases! When you participate in this program, you’re provided with a bright yellow ‘Adopt Me’ vest for the dog. You’ll be sure to get lots of attention out and about because you can’t miss it! You’ll also be given a leash, some toys, and waste bags. The dog can go to the local parks, to Starbucks for a pupp-uccino, for a jaunt around campus, and any other dog-friendly place within the Auburn and Opelika city limits!

Do you want to participate? Here’s what you need to do.

1. Sign up to be a volunteer online or at the shelter. We ask that as a volunteer you commit to two hours of volunteer work per month. Easy!

2. Complete the necessary training you need to become an approved dog-walker! All dog-walkers must be eighteen years old or older.

3. After you complete your training, you can pick up a dog on our Jog-A-Dog list any time from 8-12 pm and take it on a doggie date!

4. Just remember to bring Fido back to the shelter by twelve p.m. when we are open for adoptions. If anyone is interested in learning more about your adoptable dog while you’re on the doggie date, you can share your experience and refer them to the LCHS website. All of our adoptable pets have photos and information listed!

Before you go for a walk, don’t forget to download the Wooftrax app on your smartphone! This is a great (free) way to support your favorite animal organization just by going on a walk. Don’t forget to set Lee County Humane Society as the beneficiary! The more people LCHS has that actively walk using the app regularly, the greater the donation our shelter receives at no cost to you. Just remember to use the app every time you grab your leash. You can even use the app if you don’t have a dog! Wooftrax has an animal ambassador named Cassie who can virtually serve as your walking companion if you are currently without an animal of your own. Just choose the Walk with Cassie option and you’re ready to go!


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