LCHS' Books and Barks

At the Lee County Humane Society, we have a great opportunity for young children to visit the shelter and spend some time with our furry friends. Those who are ages 6 to 11 can come into our shelter and read books to our cats and dogs. If you’re interested in having a child participate, continue reading to learn how to sign up for our next event!

With this program, it is mandatory for a parent or guardian to be on premises with their child. Everyone will need to wear a mask or other face covering. We do have a side room that parent(s) can wait with any children that are not readers. We also provide books, but you are welcome to bring your own.

The hope is that this program not only gives children a chance to view our dogs and cats along with nurture their empathy for these animals, but it also brings comfort to our dogs and cats. By sitting outside of their kennel and reading to them, children are reducing their stress, helping our animals escape for a few minutes the anxiety that comes with the shelter life.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are working hard to ensure social distancing and proper procedures to keep everyone safe. We do ask that everyone wait outside of the building to sign in and that they wear a mask at all times.

Once signed in, a staff member or volunteer will take each reader, along with their parent or guardian, one at a time to the reading station. This is to avoid crowding our lobby. We have reduced our available slots to 5 total; 2 cat reading slots and 3 dog readers. Once completed, we ask that every reader/guardian pair exit one at a time.

How to Sign Up

If you would like to sign a child up, visit our website,, hover your mouse above ”Volunteer,” then click “Book & Barks.” From there, you can scroll through some more information about this program and see pictures of previous participants! Clicking the orange “Sign Up” button will take you to a link on SignUp Genuis, where you can register your child or children.

This program takes place the first Monday of every month, from 3 PM to 4 PM. However, if you have a children’s volunteer or scout group that is interested in this program and would like to set up an additional Monday, please reach out to our volunteer coordinator at

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