LCHS is STILL Desperate for Fosters

During this time of year, we are often overrun by kittens and puppies. This is where our

community comes into play… we need your help!

Every cat or dog that is in a foster home, even if only for a few days, opens up a kennel in our

shelter for a stray or abandoned animal.

We also currently have many young fur babies that have only had one vaccination, meaning

they are more susceptible to diseases. These guys must wait two weeks until they are able to

get their second round of vaccinations. Having them in a home, during that period helps prevent

the spread of diseases. This is especially important now, as our kennels are full of vulnerable

little babies.

If you’re willing to open up your heart and home to some of our animals, while we provide all the

other necessities such as food, toys, crates, leashes, collars, etc, please complete a foster

application on our website, If you have any questions please email

Natilee, our foster coordinator, at

You can also follow our Fosters of Lee County Humane Society on facebook, along with our

main FB page, for more updates and information. All of our animals needing a foster home will

also be listed on our Trello board, which is at

Below is a picture of Audrey, our volunteer coordinator, and her current foster puppy, Fall! Fall,

who is 4 months old, is currently available for adoption. We are treating him for a type of non

contagious mange, and Audrey is giving him some extra love until he is adopted! Winter, Fall’s

brother, is the only one of 4 siblings to still be waiting at the shelter for a foster or forever home!

Hopefully we will be seeing you around the shelter soon, picking out a dog, cat, puppy, or kitten

to love and house for a little while… not only improving their situation, but also saving the life of

the stray that now has an open kennel to move into!