LCHS presents the Oscars

The Lee County Humane Society decided to jump on the “Oscar” excitement a bit early this year, using cute awards to promote some of our adoptable pets, and shine the light on their most unique qualities.

Kaitlyn Newell, LCHS’ programs assistant, came up with this idea. She shares, “I was really wanting to promote our pets in a new way that we haven't done before and I was researching events that happened during the month of April and I came across the Oscars.” Kaitlyn immediately was very excited for this idea, and “thought it would be so fun to give out awards to our pets and to create movie posters and promote them as if they were giving an award acceptance speech.”

Highlighting Long-Term Residents

Lee County Humane Society believes that taking this approach may highlight some of our residents who have been at the shelter for an extended period of time, in a new and distinct fashion. We can shine the bright light of fame on these animals that may have been previously been previously over looked by adopters, using their quirky yet totally adorable personality traits!

One of our staff members, Alex Hill, who works primarily in the kennel area, agrees that this is an “intriguing and captivating way of featuring our longer term residents in hopes of finding them their FURever homes.”

Some Winners So Far

As of April 1st, we already have 5 winners! There is Chai (cat), who wins Biggest Scardy Cat, Castello (cat), who takes first in Most Talkative, Princess (dog), taking the lead in being Chubbiest, Rico Suave (dog), who easily wins Best Tripod, and finally our brilliant Coach (dog), who excels at being Most Talented. All of which are currently up for adoption!