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Low Cost Spay/Neuter Programs

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

Summer is a busy time of year at Lee County Humane Society. Nearly every day multiple litters of homeless puppies and kittens arrive at our door, and space comes at a premium as we try to house them all. It’s a common problem at shelters across the country this time of year, and it’s all the more frustrating, because it’s easily preventable. All that has to be done to help is ensuring that your pets are spayed or neutered, but we know that spay and neuter surgery comes with a cost that is more than some members of our community can afford. Fortunately, there are several options to help make this much more affordable for many members of our community. The Lee County Commission, in conjunction with the cities of Auburn, Opelika and Smiths Station have helped provide one solution. The Lee County Spay and Neuter Your Pet (SNYP) Program is designed to help prevent pet overpopulation by allowing low income families to get their pets spayed or neutered at a discounted rate.  “Spaying and neutering has been shown to drastically reduce overpopulation, and caring for an animal can be challenging for low income citizens. Overpopulation costs taxpayers a great deal due to animal control and sheltering programs aimed at coping with unwanted and homeless cats and dogs,” said Robert Ham, Lee County Commissioner, District 4.  “The Lee County Commission will administer the program on behalf of the cities of Opelika, Auburn and Smiths Station.” 

Any Lee County residents with a combined household income of less than $30,000 per year, or those who are Medicaid eligible can apply to participate in the program. Qualified applicants only have to pay $5 to have a cat spayed or neutered, and $10 for dogs. The SNYP covers the remaining cost of the spay or neuter surgery. To participate, applicants must provide one of the following: Medicaid card or proof of a combined household income of $30,000 or less (a copy of most recent W2, front page of tax return, or SSI Disability award letter). In addition, he or she must provide proof they are a citizen of Lee County (driver’s license with current address, bank statement, or current utility statement) and provide proof of rabies vaccination, if proof of rabies vaccination cannot be provided, a rabies vaccination will be provided at an additional cost of $12 per animal. Those wishing to apply must come into one of the participating offices to fill out an application. Locations include the Animal Health Center and the Opelika Animal Hospital who will accept applications on Monday and Tuesday between 10 a.m. and noon, or to the Lee County Humane Society who will accept applications any time during normal adoption hours, Noon to Five Tuesday through Sunday.  Applicants will receive a voucher and can go to a vet clinic of their choosing. If it is recommended that a pet receive additional services, such as disease testing or prevention or blood work, SNYP will not cover these costs.

"The goal of the spay and neuter program is to reduce the number of animal intakes that go into animal control in Auburn, Opelika, the county, and Smiths Station. So we're trying to reduce the number of animals that are out on the street," says Homer Bruce, Animal Health Center Veterinarian.

Don’t qualify for the SNYP? Don’t worry! With the help of a generous grant from the Petco Foundation, LCHS is proud to introduce spay/neuter assistance to residents of Lee County who have a total household income between $30,001.00 and $50,000.00. To qualify for this program, the requirements are similar. Any interested party must contact LCHS at or by calling 334-821-3222 and be able to provide the following:

1. Proof of household income within the $30,001.00 - $50,000.00 range

2. Proof of Lee County residency

3. Proper identification corresponding to proof of income and residency.

Qualifying pet owners will be issued a voucher that can be used at one of our ten participating vet partners. The spay/neuter voucher must be used within 45 days of issue.

Just like with the SNYP program, the owner will be asked to pay a small copay and pet must have proof of up to date rabies vaccine - if no proof is provided, pet will be required to receive rabies vaccination for an additional $12, not covered by the voucher.

Voucher fees are only reimbursed to licensed DVM.

We are so excited that residents of Lee County have so many wonderful options to help make sure their pets aren’t adding to pet overpopulation in our area, and are exceptionally grateful to the Lee County Commission, the Auburn City Council, the Opelika City Council, the Smiths Station City Council, the Petco Foundation, and all of our vet partners for all of their help and support on these wonderful initiatives.

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