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National Make a Dog's Day

Did you know that October 22nd has been named National Make a Dogs Day by Subaru? On this day, Subaru and its retailers will sponsor a nationwide effort to help the hardest-to-adopt shelter dogs find loving homes.​ A​ t the Lee County Humane Society, our hardest-to-adopt animals belong to our Lonely Hearts Club. Sadly, the dogs (and cats) that belong to this club have called the shelter their temporary home longer than any other animals at the shelter. While some people have the perception that difficult-to-adopt animals are typically those with disabilities or defects, many of the animals in our Lonely Hearts Club are perfectly healthy and simply overlooked.

All of the canine members of the Lonely Hearts Club have discounted adoption fees of only $25 and the feline members are only $15. These animals are at the shelter through no fault of their own and we think they deserve a second look!

Lonely Hearts Club Members

Oogie Boo This sweet boy is happy-go-lucky and ready to lounge the day away! Oogie Boo’s favorite past time is napping and he has been in the shelter’s care for over 180 days.Oogie Boo is Mr. Personality! He will crawl on his belly and wiggle all across the floor and bed to get your attention. Oogie loves any toy you give him, but is a strong man so you'll have to make sure he only has durable toys. He spent his entire time in his prior home outside so has some pretty bad anxiety about being left in a small crate when you aren't around, Oogs prefers to roam around freely, whether that is free roam of the house or a fenced in back-yard. Oogie would make a great companion for someone who stays home frequently and can shower him in the love he deserves.

Truffles Meet Truffles! This dark eyed beauty has been in shelter care for over 240 days and she’s eager to have a home of her own. Truffles enjoys going to the playground and rolling around on her back while making the cutest oinking noises. She loves squeaky toys and any kind of food you'll give her. Truffles’ foster said great things about her. Truffles is house trained and very well behaved in a home.

Naima Naima has been in the shelter’s care for over 250 days. This girl is always happy to see any person that will give her attention. Her personality is spunky and will always keep you on your toes! She loves to zoom in circles around the play yard and give as many kisses as you can take. Even though Naima needs to be in a single animal household, luckily she has all the love you'll ever need packed into her wiggly little body!

Josie Josie comes from a life of living outside with little attention from people and has been in shelter care for over 200 days. She will need some time to learn that people aren't as bad as she thinks. She is a gentle girl that needs a patient human to rub her face and tell her that the world isn't that bad. She would do best in a home with a confident dog that can show her how to be a happy, carefree dog. Here’s a note from a previous foster: Josie “ loves to chill out on a couch all day; she is house-broken and does fine free-roaming the house all day. Overall, just wants to lay on something soft all day with a couple of belly rubs and food - she’s content!”

Not a dog-person? Ask LCHS about the Lonely Hearts Club kitties when you go. We hope you’ll make a dogs (or cats) day by visiting the Lonely Hearts Club members on October 22nd!


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