On the Search for Restaurant Partners

Breaking bread, enjoying a mega pint, moments of laughter and

storytelling, and supporting your local humane society. I can’t think of a better way to

enjoy going out to eat. Supporting your local restaurants and supporting a great cause

sounds pretty PAWsome to me!

Lee County Humane Society is a non profit organization , one that

depends heavily on donations, both monetary and supplies. That said, LCHS is trying

to team up with restaurants for charity days. This includes ice cream parlors, breakfast

establishments, hot dog stands, coffee shops, sit down, take out, the list goes on and


Typically how these charity events work is that there is a specific date and

time designated for the event and a certain percentage of the sales for that day are

donated to the Lee County Humane Society. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Remember that old saying: “one hand washes the other”, well this definitely holds true

here. LCHS advertises the event across all of our social media platforms, word of

mouth, and physical advertisements. Picture it, walking down the street with your buddy

and the conversation is: “where do you want to eat, I don’t know, where do you want to

eat…”, THEN your buddy sees the event pop up on social media. “I know where we

should eat (insert your restaurant here)!”.

Restaurant Lovers, be on the lookout for what days and nights these

events will be hosted. Restaurant Owners feel free to reach out to us at We most certainly will be reaching

out to you! Here at LCHS we are constantly trying to raise money and awareness!

Without our wonderful community, LCHS would not be what it is today. So remember to

be on the lookout for our charity events coming up. When you and your buddy are

searching for where to enjoy that mega pint and that great meal, remember that meal

will taste even better knowing you are saving our animal friends. We look forward to

teaming up with our local establishments, near and far to raise money and awareness

for LCHS.