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Pawsome Personalities: Feline Stars Unleashed!

This week we are spotlighting some of the precious kitties that are available for adoption at LCHS!

Meet Lilith!

Lilith is a 2 year old and is the purrfectly sweet cat. With her stunning blue eyes and gentle nature, she'll melt your heart with every purr. Lilith craves affection and loves to be showered with love and cuddles. Give her the warmest of homes and experience the joy of having a loving feline companion by your side.

Meet Jennay!

Jennay is a 2 year old domestic shorthair kitty. This quirky girl loves both playtime and cuddle time. She is the perfect balance of fun and calm. She loves a good pampering session! Jennay has been spayed, and would love to live in a multi-cat home! She loves climbing structures and laser pointer chases.

Meet Disney!

Disney is a beautiful, charming kitty. She is a Domestic Shorthair and is a little over 2 years old. She loves playtime and scratch sessions. She has big, sparkly eyes. Disney loves to run and jump around the house.

How can I help?

Apply to adopt today! Make donations via our website:

Visit us! 1140 Ware Dr, Auburn, AL 36832

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