Pet Heat Safety Tips

Our wonderful Programs Assistance, Kaitlyn, has been working hard on sharing Heat Safety Tips for pets on our social media platforms! Please like us on Facebook for more tips, tricks, and other fun animal posts. Keep reading for 6 great ways to keep your pet safe during this time of high temperatures.

Tip #1

To begin, it is important to first learn a bit about recognizing signs of a heatstroke in pets! Make sure to watch out for things like excessive panting, decreased breathing, increased heart rate, and drooling. These are signs they are overheated and possibly having a heatstroke… if you suspect this is the case, make sure to get them inside and call your vet as soon as possible!

Tip #2

Prevent your pet from laying on or walking across hot asphalt! When air temperatures are high, concrete and asphalt temperatures are even higher! A good tip is to press the back of your hand against the asphalt for 7 seconds… if it is too hot for your hand, don’t walk your dog across it!

Tip #3

Should you decide to shave or trim your pet’s fur, make sure it is not trimmed down to the skin! Many dogs have a layered coat to help prevent them from getting overheated and protect them from sunburn. Brushing their coat often will reduce their risk of overheating.

Tip #4

It is also important to ensure your pet is provided with shade and clean water throughout the day! Shade and water need to be accessible to prevent overheating and a heatstroke.

Tip #5

On days that the temperature is very high, please limit your pet’s exercise and time outdoors in the heat. Making sure they are not overexerting themselves will reduce the risk of heatstroke. This is especially important with dogs that have dark and thick fur, along with those who wear muzzles!

Tip #6

Please keep an eye on your pet when they are around a pool. Not all dogs are pro swimmers, and they may need to be introduced to water slowly! It is also important to always have clean drinking water ready for them- do not let your pets drink any pool water with dangerous chemicals.