Preparing for the Howl-idays

This holiday season, we at LCHS are looking to find loving forever homes for our pets, and due to the kennels being full, we are currently holding a Clear the Shelter adoption special. Until further notice, altered animals have an adoption fee of only $10, while unaltered animals have an adoption fee of only $60. Any changes or updates to the special will be announced via our social media platforms.

We are still operating on an appointment-only basis, so if you'd like to provide a forever home for a pet this holiday season, please apply online at and give us 24 to 48 hours to approve your application. When your application is approved, we will notify you via email, after which you may call to make an appointment to meet adoptable animals. With Thanksgiving coming up this week, we'd like to share some tips on what foods are okay to share with our four-legged friends, after which we'll share some ways to support LCHS over the holidays.

Holiday Foods and Pets: Turkey

Turkey is essential to many Thanksgiving feasts, and fortunately, it is also healthy for cats and dogs! Cooked turkey meat can make an excellent treat for cats and dogs alike. However, it's best to avoid giving pets turkey skin because of its high fat content. Cooked turkey bones pose a choking hazard and risk of intestinal damage because they tend to break into sharp pieces. Raw meat and bones can cause food poisoning in pets just as they can with people. Gravy and sauces often include spices like garlic and onion that are harmful to pets, so it's best to offer only plain meat.

Side Dishes and Ingredients

In addition to turkey, many of the classic Thanksgiving foods can be enjoyed by pets, at least in small portions. While the ASPCA points out that small amounts of pumpkin pie or mashed potatoes can be okay, it's best to steer clear of giving pets large portions of these high-fat and high-sugar foods.

However, if you want to share more than just a small taste of Thanksgiving foods with pets, it's best to separate some of the ingredients before adding ingredients like sugar, butter, and spices. Cooked pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and green beans themselves are relatively healthy for pets, but holiday dishes made with these ingredients are often unhealthy and even potentially toxic. Foods that are too rich can lead to stomach upset, and overconsumption of high-fat foods can even cause pancreatitis, a potentially fatal digestive condition that is expensive to treat.

Most casseroles are off-limits due to high fat content and because many recipes call for spices, soup bases, and broths containing garlic and onions. A little bit of cranberry sauce can be okay, but any homemade relishes made with grapes should be kept away from pets, as these can be highly toxic.

Keep any alcoholic beverages out of the reach of pets, as alcohol is highly toxic to pets, even in small amounts. Of course, some pets are persistent, and it may be challenging to keep them away from foods that aren't the best for their health. It may be best to confine the pet in their crate or a separate room during mealtime in these cases.

Holiday Fostering

While sharing food and spending time with loved ones is central to the Thanksgiving holiday, one great tradition that benefits our furry friends is holiday fostering. Our pets would appreciate the opportunity to spend the holiday weekend in a loving home environment.

If you're a current, approved foster who will be staying in town for the Thanksgiving holiday, please reach out to Bailey Ray, our foster coordinator, at If you're not yet an approved foster with us, please fill out our foster application at Please note that it may take a few days for us to process your application, but once you're approved, you'll receive an email from us. At that point, you may contact and set up an appointment to pick up and drop off your foster. Thanksgiving fosters may pick up their animal on Tuesday or Wednesday and may return the pet as soon as Friday, though you're welcome to keep them for the weekend. Any length of time away from the shelter is beneficial for our animals.

No More Wasted Lives Campaign To Begin on Giving Tuesday

After Thanksgiving, we will begin our No More Wasted Lives giving campaign on December 1st, which is also Giving Tuesday. We are currently looking for businesses to partner with us to hold supply drives during the last week of November and match donations we receive on Giving Tuesday. We will feature participating businesses on our website and social media platforms, with the possibility of hosting a "yappy hour" with an adoptable dog to encourage customers to visit the location while also garnering publicity for the pup.

We are very thankful for our local communities' continued support, and we wish everyone, including people and pets, a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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