Public Playgroups at LCHS

Next Saturday, August 14th, from 1 PM to 3 PM, we are going to be doing something that we

have never done before! While most times dogs are stressed out in the shelter environment,

there is one thing that we do everyday that they all love… playgroups!

What are playgroups?

Well at the Lee County Humane Society, we have our dogs in groups of anywhere from 2-7

dogs in a yard, playing with their favorite fur pals! With this being their happiest moment, our

Kennel Manager, Breanna, thought it would be a fabulous idea to use these playgroups as a

way to show off their true personality to the public.

Breanna says, “Playgroups are, in my opinion, one of the best ways to get a glimpse of a dog’s

best version of themself in a shelter environment! It allows them to let go of all the frustration

they have in their kennel and just really be a dog.”

Why is this important?

When people walk through our kennels, they often see the side effects of anxiety and stress

overpowering our dogs’ personalities. Playgroups “gives our higher energy pups a chance to

shine bright in a happier setting rather than being cooped up in a concrete kennel for 22 hours a

day,” Breanna shares.

Instead of nervous barking, and the barrier reactivity that causes some dogs to jump against

their kennel doors, the public will get to see our dogs wagging their tails and showing off their

goofy and lovable self.

Breanna emphasizes this, saying “Public playgroups will be an awesome way to show our

community that we should never judge adoptable dogs based on how they act in the kennels,

but to instead give them a chance outside of the kennel to show their true personality in a more

natural environment.” We hope to see some of you there, checking out our amazing, adoptable