• Kelly Daniel

Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pet

Many animal shelters are full of older dogs that yearn for their second chance in life. The Lee County Animal Shelter is no exception. Though these animals at one point were owned and loved by someone, for various reasons they end up in the shelter - homeless and overlooked due to their age. There are many reasons these senior animals should be at the top of your interest when on the hunt for your next pet.

When most families are looking for a pet, they all typically look for the same qualities - friendly, well-mannered, loyal, and you can’t forget housetrained. Most senior pets came from a home-environment. They were once valued, taken on walks, maybe even allowed to sleep on the sofa. Older dogs will typically be familiar with basic commands at a minimum. They learned their lessons back in their early years, such as no chewing on the furniture or not to have an accident in the house. You’ll have much fewer surprises because many times, you’ll know exactly how they are going to behave in your home setting. Senior dogs are full grown, so they are also much easier to imagine how they’ll fit into your family and lifestyle than it would be with a shelter puppy.

Just like all pets, senior dogs deserve love and attention; however, they are typically much less demanding than puppies. While many will enjoy a walk or tug of war with a toy, they may also be content with a nap instead. You will avoid the puppy-stage, so you won’t always feel like you have to look over your shoulder to avoid a mess or provide the level of training a puppy requires. Most are already socialized and get along well with other dogs and people. They will be so happy to be back in a familiar setting that the loyal companionship they provide can be instantaneous.

Because many adopters typically go for puppies, adopting a senior dog really can mean you’re saving a life. Providing a safe, loving home for an older dog to enjoy their golden years will be one of the most rewarding things you ever do. If you have any questions about senior dogs available at LCHS, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 334-821-3222. You may even qualify for discounted adoption rates through our Pets for the Elderly, Pets for Patriots, or Lonely Hearts Club programs!


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