Right Around the Corner

“Daffodil!!! What was that? These loud noises. I think I overheard that ‘us’ dogs have

sounds amplified. Our hearing has been referred to as the likes of a superhero. I hear that

superheroes are AMAZING! I think with my supersonic hearing that I’ve heard Mr. Josh talk

about superheroes. Daffodil, I’m most certain he means us!”

“BlackJack, you always have something to say. You go on and on, and oftentimes I hear

the human folks discuss how frustrated you make them with all of your ‘talking’. But you know

what BlackJack?”

“What’s that Daffodil?”

BlackJack, they talk about how great we love. We love so much that we might struggle

with expressing it. BlackJack, I think you might have this ADHD. I also know that TJ, Josh, all

of the LCHS staff and all of the volunteers believe in you and me. How special are we???? All

of us! Special! Pawsome! I know our forever home is right around the corner!