Right Around the Corner

“Earl!!! What was that? These loud noises. I think I overheard that ‘we’ dogs have

sounds amplified. Our hearing has been referred to as the likes of a superhero. I hear that

superheroes are AMAZING! I think with my supersonic hearing that I’ve heard Mr. Josh talks

about superheroes. Noir, I’m most certain he means us!”

“Lacey, you always have something to say. You go on and on, and oftentimes I hear the

human folks discuss how frustrated you make them with all of your ‘talking’. But you know what


“Earl? Earl?”!

“I’m still here, Lacey! We both are STILL here. I’m listening, I’m learning. Lacey, how

great would it be if someone came along like Bruce Wayne, or better yet his Alfred? That

someone who is patient, that person could be our own superhero! Do you think it will happen?

I’m beginning to waver in my hopefulness.

“Earl, who is Bruce Wayne and this Alfred fella?”

“Lacey!!!! Bruce Wayne is Batman, and Alfred is his Butler. However, Alfred truly

orchestrates and runs the show. Maybe your forever family will let you watch the movies”.

“Ooooooh! Earl, Alfred sounds amazing. I think our LCHS staff and volunteers are


“They are young, Lacey, they are! They all work tirelessly to get us to our forever

‘BatCave’. That said, we have an amazing group of ‘pre-Alfreds’. Our LCHS family wouldn’t do

what they do if they didn’t think we had an ‘Alfred’ in our future. They believe in us, and they

won’t stop until we have our forever ‘batcave’. They ARE, our temporary Alfreds, working

tirelessly to get us our FOREVER one!”.

“Lacey, for once you beat me to it. I know our chance is waiting in the wings. Be ready!

Lacey, our superheroes at LCHS are about to find us our ‘Alfred’, our ‘Bat Cave’!”

“Hey Earl?”

“What Lacey ???”

“You know we wouldn’t have a voice like we do if we didn’t have our LCHS Donors,

Volunteers, Staff. If we didn’t have Our ‘Alfreds’!”