Shelter Jewels

As I look over how many intakes we have encountered at the Lee County Humane

Society, just in this past week, I find myself wondering, how can I help? What can I do?

What will ignite a “difference maker?”. The recurring answer for me is simply, “I don’t

know”. My heart wants to save and rescue every single animal. My magical, endless bank

account wants to build massive shelters everywhere. Shelters with a well paid staff, high

end amenities, industrial washer and dryers, grassy knolls, a magical dream. This

magical dream is pursued by each and every volunteer and staff member at LCHS. The

passion and hope for this animal shelter utopia is what each and every one of us strives

to achieve. If you have the wonderful opportunity to talk and LISTEN to an animal shelter

employee and/or volunteer you will find that our hearts work day in and day out in the

hopes to build this magical place.