Summer of Second Chances

The Lee County Humane Society has launched its summer long campaign:

“The Summer Of Second Chances”! Sing it with me: “Maaaaaah heeeaaaart

neeeeeeeds a seecoooooond chaaaeeeyance!”.

Summer Of Second Chances is exactly what it sounds like! With May through

November being the busiest times for LCHS, second chances are more important than

ever. The Shelter is almost always at full capacity during these months. Providing for,

and creating space are just part of the challenges faced at LCHS. This summer long

event aspires to fund and find homes for all of our animal friends.

LCHS has around 30% of its coverage covered with city contracts...for THE

YEAR! Let me break this down a bit. Payroll, food and water for our animal friends and

staff, electricity, transportation, insurance, wifi, phone lines, treatments, collars, leashes,

bowls, toilet paper, the list goes on and on and it all costs money! The increase of

animal intakes costs more and takes more space. Allocating nonprofit means becomes

increasingly difficult during this time of year.

The campaign is a summer long campaign to raise money, increase adoptions

and help with the rising costs that comes with the busiest months at LCHS. With

intakes increasing each day, we need all hands on deck. This past week for example,

LCHS had a washing machine go down, thankfully it is under warranty, but being down

a washing machine during our busiest time of the year is just another obstacle

nonprofits are faced with. Nonprofit organizations are not in it for the money. We, the

staff, are paid way less than most businesses. I refuse to use the term “poorly” because

everyone that works at the Lee County Humane Society does so out of love, out of

compassion, out of that “making a difference feel good feeling”. Individuals that stick

with this line of work do so because it is a calling, a HARD ONE! Little pay all while

saving lives! Lee County Humane Society Staff and Volunteers are Winks From The


Our animal friends are in search of their “SECOND CHANCE”! Donations,

fostering, volunteering are ways that help give them that, their second chance. We will

be hosting charity nights at local restaurants throughout the summer so be on the

lookout for those. If you are a business that is interested in hosting a LCHS fundraising

event please contact our Outreach and Development Coordinator, Jenny Warren at You may also visit our website: