Summer of Second Chances

The Lee County Humane Society has launched its summer long campaign:

“The Summer Of Second Chances”! Sing it with me: “Maaaaaah heeeaaaart

neeeeeeeds a seecoooooond chaaaeeeyance!”.

Summer Of Second Chances is exactly what it sounds like! With May through

November being the busiest times for LCHS, second chances are more important than

ever. The Shelter is almost always at full capacity during these months. Providing for,

and creating space are just part of the challenges faced at LCHS. This summer long

event aspires to fund and find homes for all of our animal friends.

LCHS has around 30% of its coverage covered with city contracts...for THE

YEAR! Let me break this down a bit. Payroll, food and water for our animal friends and

staff, electricity, transportation, insurance, wifi, phone lines, treatments, collars, leashes,