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Summer of Second Chances 2023

– Jenny Warren, Outreach and Development Coordinator, Lee County Humane Society

Join us for "Summer of Second Chances" at Lee County Humane Society! If you've experienced the power of a second chance, you understand its incredible impact. Help us give shelter animals their shot at a new life and loving forever homes. Your support plays a vital role in our mission, as donations cover 70% of our operating budget. Together, let's make a difference and create countless happy endings!

Every animal who walks through our doors has a past, but each deserves a much brighter future. Once again, this summer we’re celebrating a Summer of Second Chances at LCHS. We’ve worked hard in the last year to make sure that every one of the 2000 homeless pets that have walked in our doors has the best shot possible at finding forever homes where they are loved and wanted.

But second chances aren’t free. Every one of those animals needs medical treatment, care, and attention to get them on their way. As any pet owner can tell you, caring for an animal is expensive, and we need your help to make sure that as many of the pets we care for go on to healthy lives with their forever families.

Just like everything else, the cost of caring for the animals at LCHS increases every year. Vaccines have gotten more expensive, food costs have increased, fuel prices have gone up, and more and more animals keep walking in our doors.

At LCHS we want EVERY pet who comes to us to get their own second chance. Summer can be tough as our shelter remains full on top of an overabundance of animal surrenders and strays. Caring for all of these animals, in addition to the regular intake of animals who arrive at our doorstep daily, is no small undertaking.

We need your help! Please consider making a donation online at

We can also process credit card donations over the phone, and are happy to accept donations at the shelter at 1140 Ware Drive, Auburn, AL 36832 If you’d like to more information please send an email to or call the shelter during normal business hours at (334)821-3222

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