Summer of Second Chances at LCHS

Every summer the Lee County Humane Society holds a fundraiser called ‘Summer of Second Chances.’ Our goal for this is to raise $50,000.

While last year we didn’t just meet this goal, but instead exceed it, this year we are not yet getting the amount needed to care for all the animals that are coming through our doors!

We need our community to help us give these pets a second chance at life. It cost our shelter $20.69 per pet for every day they are in our care…. With over 140 homeless pets currently with us, that is $2,896.60 every day.

If you head on over to our official website,, you can also check out some of our limited edition items for sale, such as our t-shirts as well as our stickers!

All the money that is fundraised goes towards providing the animals in our care with the medical attention they may need, in addition to the basic needs animals have!

We do get in many special cases, for example we recently had a little puppy come in with a snake bite that needs expensive vetting. We’ve also had a couple of puppies come in with parvo, which is a highly contagious viral disease that can be fatal. The treatment for this can also be quite expensive. Without our community’s help, we would be unable to afford getting these animals treated.

Every dog and cat that comes into us deserves a second chance at a happy and healthy life. Our Summer of Second Chances ends on August 31st, and we are still $27,500 away from our goal. Please consider donating today so you can help us give these animals hope at finding a loving home.