Transport Drivers Needed at LCHS!

At LCHS, we occasionally have dogs scheduled for a vet appointment or set to be transferred in or out of a partnering rescue. For these needs, it helps so much to have volunteers signed up to do these transports. If you’re interested, please continue reading to learn more about what this entails!

Vet Runs

Due to not being able to have a vet on staff, we must work with local veterinary clinics. This requires our animals to be dropped off and picked up from these locations. Often times, we partner with PAWS Humane and Affordable Veterinary Services, both of which are located in Columbus.

Rescue Partners

We do work with a few rescue partners, with both transferring animals in and out of our care. In some cases, our partners will pull some of our dogs or cats and place them directly into foster homes! In a recent case, we pulled over 10 cats from a rescue partner, who were next on the list to be euthanized, saving their lives.

Without our transport drivers, however, none of this would be possible! With everyone’s schedules quite busy, we do need more drivers to sign up to help out. You do need to be an approved volunteer, so if you haven’t already done so, make sure to complete a volunteer application on our website, then complete the orientation and shelter tour!

Once approved through our insurance, you would be able to use our company vehicles to help us make transports. The times and hours are all case by case. If you can help, please email