We Need Fosters at LCHS

It is currently our busiest time of the year, with stray cats and dogs being brought in at very high numbers! While our amazing staff, volunteers, and donors make it possible for us to handle taking care of these furbabies, we don’t always have an open kennel or available space for every dog and cat that enters our shelter! This is where our amazing foster program comes into play.

By fostering, you can home a kitten, puppy, dog, or cat, just for a few days or a couple of weeks, until there is an open kennel or a potential adopter! We supply our fosters with whatever they need for the time they give our animals shelter and love, including food, toys, bowls, crates, etc!

It is not uncommon for fosters to even help our animals become more adoptable by teaching them house manners, tricks, or even just by finding their true personality while outside of the stressful shelter environment.

In the case of Chase, one of our fosters, and Miller, who has since been adopted, Miller’s time in a loving home even improved Miller’s extreme anxiety. Chase fostered Miller for over three months and during this time Miller improved so much that we were able to decrease his dosage of anxiety medication, giving him a better chance at finding a forever home!

Chase says, “Miller and I had a blast together. He loved to cuddle, fetch, and interact with other dogs… The first thing I was told about Miller, even before his name, was the fact he had separation anxiety. I knew what this entailed, and I was ready for the challenge. I worked with him little by little on the issue which in the end seemed to work out. By providing the organization and daily routine Miller needed, he helped me as well. My time with Miller was awesome, and I am extremely happy he is now running around on acres of land with his new dog friends.”

To learn more about fostering and the process of becoming a foster, check out our website, If you still have questions, either call our front desk at 334-821-3222, or email Natilee, our Foster Coordinator, at