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Weekend Warriors!

At the Lee County Humane Society, we do our best to enrich the lives of the animals in the shelter, but because of limited staff and the large number of animals in our care, it is difficult for us to give our animals all the enrichment they need or want!  So, we rely a lot on volunteers to provide our animals with love and exercise. And we’ve launched a new program to help with that, the Weekend Warrior Program. It’s a great way for someone who isn’t ready to take on a dog full time to get to spend some time with a furry friend, and a great way for our dog to get a break from the shelter. The Weekend Warrior Program is catered towards our adult dog residents and has three main goals.

REDUCING KENNEL STRESS – Studies show that small breaks from the kennel greatly benefits the mental and physical health of long-term shelter dogs. A trip out of the kennel improves mental health by curbing the development of bad kennel habits like: excessive barking, reactivity towards dogs and people and depression.  Physical health is improved by allowing the dog to get out and exercise!  This relieves a lot of pent up energy that is accumulated in the kennel environment.  A tired dog is a happy dog!  The reduction of kennel stress creates a dog that behaves better in a kennel.  Good kennel behavior increases the dog’s adoptability.

EVALUATING BEHAVIOR – It is much easier to fit a dog to just the right forever home when we have some idea of how a dog will act in a home. Is it good with cats, or kids? Is it high energy, or more of a couch potato? The problem is, it’s really tough to evaluate how a dog will behave in a home, when they’re in a shelter. By spending some time in a Weekend Warrior’s home, we get a good idea of how an animal will act in its forever home.

NETWORKING – The more people that see our animals the better! You are encouraged to bring your Weekend Warrior dog out to public places that allow dogs so that they can be viewed by more people.  People will naturally strike up a conversation with you about your Weekend Warrior dog!  Be sure to mention the dog is available for adoption at the LCHS!  Who knows, maybe they will follow you back to the shelter to do some adoption paperwork!

What do I do with my Weekend Warrior?

The goal of the Weekend Warrior Program is enrichment!  We encourage you to take your dog out to as many public places as possible.  Listed below are a few dog friendly places that would make a great outing for your weekend pal! Mama Mocha’s Coffee Emporium Red Clay Brewing Company Brusters Ice Cream The Wittel Bar at the Collegiate Hotel Lowe’s Home Improvement Home Depot Tractor Supply PetSmart Petco Kissel Park Town Creek Park Floral Park Chewacla Park Ag Heritage Park


Dogs must be allowed inside of your home. Dogs cannot be left outside unless you are there supervising them.

Dogs must always stay on leash when not confined in your home or fenced in back yard.

Do not take dogs known to have issues with other dogs to public dog parks. Use your common sense!  If you have your own dogs at home and would like to take a dog that has some iffy dog behavior, we encourage you to bring your dog to the shelter to do a meet and greet with the shelter dog prior to taking the dog home with you.

Use the collar and leash we provide you with when walking your dog.

Remember to take a lot of pictures and video of your dog and send them to the foster coordinator by emailing them to or messaging them to the Fosters of Lee County Humane Society Facebook Page.

Sound like just the thing for you? In order to become a Weekend Warrior, you must fill out a Foster Contract.  Alabama law requires you be 19 years of age to sign a contract.  After signing the contract you can start Weekend Warrioring!  You must also send a picture or submit a copy of your Drivers License with the Foster Contract.

While Weekend Warrioring, we ask that you fill out a Weekend Warrior Profile on your pet so that we can provide potential adopters with a lot of good info!  Return the completed form with your Weekend Warrior animal.

Weekly Wish: This week, we're asking for one of our favorite simple luxuries for the dogs in our care - Kuranda ShelterBeds! We have a direct link to the ones we're looking for here:

You can order online and have them shipped right to us!

These beds are durable, are easy to clean, and will serve many animals during their time in the shelter.


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