Weekend Warriors

Are you able and interested in bringing a pet home, but can’t commit to long term fostering? Weekend Warriors might be the perfect program for you and your family! With this option, approved fosters can bring an adult dog or cat home over the weekend.

How Does this Help our Animals?

This short-term fostering period gives our pets a much needed break from the shelter environment. If you are able to, please help us provide our dogs with a mental and physical break from the humane society, and give them some extra love for a few days!

While fostering you can absolutely post the animal on facebook, helping them gain exposure and possibly connect them with potential adopters.

During this period, foster parents also learn valuable information about the pet. Typically the animal’s personality comes out once they are in a home too, so capturing this using pictures and videos, as well as learning about their quirks and prominent traits, helps us a lot in matching the animal with a perfect forever home.

Want to Become an Approved Foster?

According to Jessica, who is not only a staff member at LCHS but also a participant in Weekend Warriors, “This program relieves the animals here of so much stress caused by this sort of environment, while not putting a lot of pressure on the foster parents.”

The Lee County Humane Society will provide the foster with any supplies necessary for the weekend… toys, food, litter, leash, etc.

To become an approved foster, go to our official website,, select “Foster,” then complete either the “Dog Foster Application'' or “Cat Foster Application.”

If after you look at our website you still have questions, call our front desk at 334-821-3222 or email our foster coordinator at