Welcome to Our New Outreach and Development Coordinator!

LCHS is happy and excited to introduce to you, our new Outreach and Development Coordinator, Mrs. Jenny Warren.

There has and probably will be the ongoing debate about whether or not a person becomes who they are from genetics or their environment. With Jenny, she is both! Think Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, combine that with Betty White, Oprah, and throw in some of Punky Brewster’s spunk!

With a contagious personality, one full of love and compassion, she has roots in our community as strong as our oak trees. Jenny was born in Fayette, AL. That’s correct, Fayette, AL. She quickly clarified that she did not say “LaFayette, AL”, and even quicker to make sure I knew she didn’t say “LAH-FIE-YET”, LA. She is a Graduate of Auburn University with a degree in Psychology, minoring in Human Development and Family Studies.