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Platon was an important Greek philosopher who founded the first great school of philosophy in Athens in 388 BC and who also dealt with mathematical and scientific topics.

Platon was born in Athens in 427 BC and probably came from an old noble family. Little is known about his life and work.

He was a student of the famous Socrates (470 to 399 BC), made several journeys to Egypt and Sicily (Syracuse), fell out of favour there and was sold as a slave. He finally returned to Athens and founded the first of the four great schools of philosophy there in 388 BC. This school, which was also called the Academy, existed for over 900 years.

Platon placed particular emphasis on mathematics. Above the entrance to the building it is said to have read: "Let no one enter without knowledge of geometry".

He rejected the application of mathematical procedures, especially geometric procedures - geometry homework help (except for constructions with compasses and rulers), in practical everyday life. Platon, for example, regarded the triangle as an objectively existing "idea" with perfect properties and all real constructed triangles as approximate images.

Starting from geometry, the question of how celestial bodies move was also philosophised about. For Platon, only movement on circular paths was conceivable - , since circles were regarded as the most perfect geometric paths.

The views of the philosophers in this period were usually presented in the form of dialogues. In one of his dialogues, Platon discussed the blueprint according to which the cosmos was created. He attached fundamental importance to the regular polyhedra - do my assignment , which are therefore also called Platonic solids or Platon's world solids. He interpreted the elements fire, air, water and the earth with such polyhedra. Platon died in Athens in 347 BC.

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