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Hi, my name is Karis and I love animals! I am 12 years old and I have 2 cats; one named Daisy

and one named Snowball. Daisy is grey and white, while Snowball is plain white. Their ages are: Snowball, 13 and Daisy, 1 year and 8 months. I also have a Russian Dwarf hamster.

His name is Buddy and he is almost 2 years old.

I love all animals, especially cats. I’ve fostered a lot of animals from LCHS. Stello Blue was one of the dogs I fostered. She was around 4 years old, and she was just about the shyest black lab I’ve ever met. She had a fear of men, and the shelter said a man had abused her before she came in. We fostered Stella for a week. At first, she wouldn’t even let my dad within 20 feet of her. But, with a little coaxing from treats, he got to pet her on the last day.

I think that is an amazing recovering story - don’t you? Stella made a great breakthrough and I believe any dog can come out of their shell and conquer their fear (whatever it is) with the proper love and care.

We found Daisy in the parking lot of a Dollar General. She was a tiny, scrawny kitten at the time. When we brought her home, we luckily had a can of Fancy Feast in the pantry that my grandmother had given us. Daisy ate it hungrily. She scrambled out of my arms and ran to the corner of the garage where her food awaited her.

After a couple of weeks, Daisy was all situated and happy in her new indoor/outdoor home. However, a couple months later, she ran away. She was gone fro 9 days. When someone found her, she was 9 miles away! We got her back and she hasn’t left again.

Snowball, though, well he just showed up. We estimate him to be around 13 years old. He is the closest thing to a dog as a cat can get! He loves people and craves attention. If you need a pal, Snowball’s your man!

Buddy, my hamster is sweet - on hamster scales. We got him from Pet Supermarket in Birmingham, AL. I love him!

I also have a bunny named Nutmeg. We used to have Nutmeg & Snickerdoodle, but (as we didn’t want baby bunnies) we had to take Snicky back to my friend’s house (where we got him from). The strange thing is that Nutmeg & Snicky were siblings. Well, I guess that’s bunnies for you!



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