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How to Write a Dissertation in Economics?

Before starting to write a dissertation in economics, it is worth studying the passports of the relevant specialties. This is necessary in order to choose a specific direction for further research. After that, you need to carefully analyze the chosen paytowritepaper direction. This is done in order to understand whether the research topic of the dissertation belongs to this direction or not.

Subject and object of research

The next point is to designate the identification of the object of study, since it must be spelled out in the introductory part. It is worth noting that this requirement applies to the abstract.

Also, in addition to the object of study, there is also a subject. This term refers to certain properties of an object. This category can be formulated on the basis of the content of research from the specialty passport. As a rule, such a concept as a theme follows from the formulation of an object and a subject. Also, do not forget about the goals, objectives of the work, as well as identifying the hypothesis. Having decided on these provisions, you can proceed to drawing up a plan.

Selection and analysis of literary sources

Without a certain basis, writing a dissertation in economics will definitely not work, so it is imperative to select scientific literature on your subject and analyze it. You need to choose only those literary sources that are relevant at the moment. The fact is that information becomes outdated very quickly, so you should not take those books that are more than five years old.

Currently, there are many different textbooks, articles, manuals on the net, so in most cases it is not difficult to find material. But it is worth remembering that such sources do not always correctly indicate information about the author, year of publication, etc. Therefore, it is worth checking the information on the printed edition in order to prevent a factual error in the future. In addition, if you study in a scientific library, you can ask for help from librarians. Perhaps they will be able to suggest what additional sources to take for study.

When analyzing the literature list, it is worth making separate notes, as well as brief summaries of what has been read. They will be able to assist in the preparation of a literature review, which is usually given in a theoretical chapter. It is also recommended to immediately group the read. This is done in order to properly systematize the available sources.

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