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Shelter Jewels:
Diamonds in the Ruff

The Shelter Jewels program at Lee County Humane Society highlights some of the pets in our care who may need a more non-traditional home to thrive in. These pets are known as "Unicorns", or as well like to call them: "Diamonds in the Ruff". The fosters that care for these pets normally have a home where there are no other pets around, no children, and sometimes don't have many people visiting the home. These homes are what some like to think of as "mystical"--few and far in between. However, they are some of the homes that are most needed to help a shelter.

Pets most in need of these special foster homes are dogs that have not done well with other dogs and/or cats. Often times these are high exuberance dogs that wouldn't thrive in environments with small children either. These pets tend to stay at the shelter longer and are prone to higher stress levels than others. This stress and anxiety can cause hyperactivity in the kennel itself, incessant chewing and even depressive symptoms such as lack of appetite and lethargy.


When we are able to place these types of dogs into a foster home, we can stop those stress levels from rising and can  allow them to be the best dog they can be. This allows us to better get to know them on a deeper level so that we can place them in a home that is perfect for them. 

If you are interested in becoming a Shelter Jewel foster**, please apply at the link below. Once approved, you can email our foster coordinator, Natilee, about meeting some of our "Diamonds". For more information about the program, email

**All "Diamond" fosters receive training time and tips from staff members familiar with the dogs, a wire crate, toys, blankets, food, bowls, medicine (if needed), and a free photo session at the foster home with our media specialist. 

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Meet our "Diamonds":


Days in shelter: 123

Days in foster: 33

Things we would like to work on with him: stranger danger, building trust

Likes: other dogs

Dislikes: cats, too many visitors at once

Training Contact:


Days in shelter: 172

Days in foster: 43 days adopted ( returned )

Things we would like to work on with her:

HIGH ENERGY, settling down, basic commands

Likes:  some dogs  (needs to meet them first)

Dislikes: cats

Training Contact:

Tootsie Roll

Days in shelter: 199

Days in foster: 38

Things we would like to work on with him: jumping onto things/people, basic training/discipline

Likes: some dogs (needs to meet them first)

Dislikes: cats 

Training Contact:


Days in shelter: 122

Days in foster33 days adopted ( returned )

Things we would like to work on with him: High energy, Resource Guarding, settling

Likes: Dogs

Dislikes: sharing toys with others, Cats

Training Contact:

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