Staff Picks

Of all the wonderful animals we have at LCHS, these stick out to us because they were nominated as a favorite from a staff member! 


Chosen by Breanna

Here's what Breanna has to say about Ziggy:

"Ziggy: Lover of all toys and people.

Ziggy is my staff pick for many reasons, but mostly because he is one of those dogs that has a little of everything you need for an ideal dog. He would definitely be down for a long hike or a tug of war session but he would also have no complaints about a cuddle session on the couch for a lazy day. Ziggy is beyond smart and picks up on training very quickly. He always has a "smile" on his face with his tail wagging, he's just excited about life and I hope he can find a forever home while he still has such a bright outlook!"

Ziggy was adopted in December 2021

Copy of Stella.png


Chosen by Savanna

Here's what Savanna has to say about Bradley:

"Bradley is a mellow boy who wants nothing more than someone to cuddle with every night while watching a movie staring his favorite actor (Bradley Cooper of course). He is always down for long walks or a jog around the block, but is also fine with spending the day hanging out inside with his people. He is one of our longer term dogs and before he was brought to LCHS he was at another rescue, so he is more than ready to take his freedom ride to a forever home. Bradley has a heart of gold when it comes to people, and deserves someone who can appreciate all the love he can give."


Chosen by Audrey

Here's what Audrey has to say about Trey:

"Trey was transferred to us from another Humane Society about 150 days ago. It is absolutely insane that such a beautiful boy with so much love to give is stuck in a kennel instead of relaxing in a home! This athletic dude does need a family that will keep up with his energy. While he will absolutely be happy to snuggle throughout the day, it is important that he gets physical and mental exercise regularly! I cannot wait for Trey to find a family that loves him as much as he deserves... and if they enjoy hiking as much as he does, that would just be the cherry on top!"

Trey was adopted in October 2021!



Chosen by Natilee

Here's what Natilee has to say about Rosemary:

I" can't say enough good things about Rosemary.. Ever since she became the front desk dog when I was in that position, we had an instant connection. Everytime I walk behind the desk she instantly perks up and that tail goes crazy. She has so much love to give and she will leave an everlasting impression on my heart. I can't wait for her to find her forever home so she can spend the remainder of her days being loved on and cozied up with her toys (boy does this old girl love to play with toys). She deserves nothing but the best!"

Rosemary was adopted in October 2021!


Chosen by Patti

Here's what Patti has to say about Meg:

"Meg is such a sweet, wonderful girl! She’s a  rowdy player, showing her zest for life. But she also has a snuggly side, and some of the warmest brown eyes you’ll ever find. I connected with her right away, as she was a little shy at first, but given some time and tenderness, she showed her living personality."



Chosen by Josh

Here's what Josh has to say about Walt:

"What is so special about Walt? Everything. I first met Walt while cleaning isolation. He was this scrawny kitten with mange and a big personality. He spent the entire morning making noise and trying to get my attention. I finally gave in. I wrapped him in a towel and held him. What started as a few mins turned to 15 quickly. Since then, I have made it a point to come see him when I am work. Affectionate -Check, playful-check, cuter than he should be-check. If I didn't already have cats of my own, Walt would definitely be at my house."

Walt was adopted in October 2021!