Staff Picks

Of all the wonderful animals we have at LCHS, these stick out to us because they were nominated as a favorite from a staff member! 


Chosen by Kelsie

Here's what Kelsie has to say about Delilah:

"I love how goofy Delilah is! Even though she's quite the old lady, she's still a puppy at heart. She will even try to get the younger pups to play with her during playgroups in the mornings! She loves to run around and play as much as she can! I also love how large her head is--it just makes me laugh to watch her. If she knows you have any treats, she will bark at you until you give her one--she's quite an impatient girl, but I think it's charming! She's my favorite girl and she deserves such a good home!"

Delilah was adopted on 8/21/19!


Chosen by Breanna

Here's what Breanna has to say about Darla:

"Darla is my favorite girl because she is SO loyal and so much fun! I think she'd make the perfect hiking buddy and even a great cuddle buddy! Darla is mature and is the definition of a strong, independent lady. She'd make a wonderful family dog and would be able to give years worth of love and protection!"


Chosen by Tanesta

Here's what Tanesta has to say about Sully:

"Sully is the sweetest boy you'll meet! He is so calm and collected but also loves to have fun once in a while. He does well with other dogs and mainly loves to sleep the day away. He may be heartworm positive, but he doesn't let it slow him down! He'd be the perfect companion for just about anyone! He's been here since March and he just needs a break from this environment to get the love he needs! Someone needs this boy in their lives and I really hope he finds his forever home soon!"

Sully was adopted on 8/25/2019!!