Summer of Second Chances 2020

Summer of Second Chances is our biggest fundraiser of the year. Every summer, LCHS sees an large increase in the number of animals brought to the shelter. This means that the need for donations is greater than ever. You can help save thousands of lives by donating today.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent quarantine, this year, Summer of Second Chances will be going virtual! We have a lot of events planned for you all this summer (which you can check out below!) and we cannot wait. Keep an eye on our social media pages for more events and information about Summer of Second Chances.

Summer of Second Chances.png


Hey all you crafty people (or non crafty doesn't really matter)! We are currently doing pre-sales for our DIY Paw Print Art Kits! You, too, can create your own work of art with your precious fur baby!

Each kit includes pet-safe paint, a brush and card stock paper for your canvas. Each kit is only $10 and all proceeds benefit Summer of Second Chances! If you would like to pre-order your own kit, email for more information!

This is a fun activity to do with your kids and pets and will end up in a keepsake art piece for your home.

We've got stickers for sale! We are currently offering designs to raise awareness for adoption and to benefit our Summer of Second Chances Campaign. The best part is that they are ONLY $4!


All you have to do is come by the shelter, let our front desk staff know which stickers you want, pay and then pick them up when they come in. It's that easy! Just make sure you order by the end of May so we can place the order and get them in during the first two weeks of June!

These stickers are great for your water bottles, your laptop, your car windows and more. They also make great gifts and stocking stuffers (for those of you who prepare for Christmas EXTRA early). Drop by the shelter and order some today!

Sticker Sales!.png

 Check it out! Starting in June, we will be selling Krispy Kreme BOGO cards! Each card is $20 and has 10 opportunities to get a free dozen donuts when you buy a dozen! A portion of the proceeds will go to our Summer of Second Chances Campaign.


We will be selling these cards for the entire month of June, so be sure to get yours as soon as possible!